ToyCon UK 2017

Had a tremendous time at ToyCon UK 2017 this year - the level of work there was incredible ! You can take a look at the FLICKR gallery of our photos from the even here...
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Veris Candy Corn Figure by Shadoe Delgado

So something just appeared on our timeline which made us smile, the Veris figure in Candy Corn colorway from Shadoe Delgado The artists always tell you about their work WAY better than we ever could, so it's over to Shadoe for the low down. "Hi, Shadoe Delgado here...
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Secret Demon Services – Creepshow

We just heard about an amazing show coming to a venue VERY close to us - so we had to get online and start to tell you all about it. The line up for this show is just insane - and the guys from Secret Demon Services and Art Official have pulled together work from the...
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Godzilla Vinyl Wars First Godzilla Sofubi Vinyl Figure

We see deals we like to share with people on social media sometimes - so we decided to start posting them here as well - starting with this cracking deal on this Godzilla figure. Godzilla Vinyl Wars First Godzilla Sofubi Vinyl Figure This Godzilla Vinyl Wars First...
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Art Exhibition: “Toynado : KAIJU vs HERO”

News just in of another incredible Art Toy exhibition in Thailand. A celebration of art toys and designer toys by a community of talented graphic artists and sculptors. This community is growing fast in Thailand and the level of talent means that people around the...
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This is one of those astounding pieces we had to share. This remarkable figure is called TOGENKYO and is the latest release from the team at RESTORE. You can see this piece at Booth No.7-03-13 - at Wonder...
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Toofless – Jay O’leary

We love Art Toys and we are passionate about art in many forms, but the thing that really pushes us on to do what we do is the people making the art. Over the past months we have been watching the journey of an artist called Jay O'leary and we are privileged to...
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Kidrobot – raising the game at SDCC 2016

We just got the latest email from Kidrobot with the details of what they are up to at SDCC #2016 - and they are really bringing some amazing pieces and artists to the event this year. KIDROBOT TO FEATURE ARTIST SIGNINGS AND LIMITED EDITION PRINTS AT SAN DIEGO COMIC...
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Retro Toy Sale -1990s Carded and Loose toy collection for sale

We have been given the opportunity to organise a Retro Toy Sale of one of the largest mint on card and loose 1990s collections we have ever seen. It was hard to make the decision to sell this collection at an event and not just sell privately, but we think it is a...
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Vinimates – Kevin Smith and X Files – review

We got in touch with the team at Diamond Select to find out more about their range of Minimates - and they asked if we would like to review their new Vinimates figures.... Diamond Select sent us a selection of their Vinimates range from the X Files and a Kevin Smith...
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Mighty Jaxx x Jason Freeny x JPX – 4″ XXRAY Tossakan

All the way from Thailand - we get our hands on the xxray Tossakan from Jason Freeny and Mighty Jaxx One of the hottest sellers this year is the work coming your way from the team at Mighty Jaxx with the work of Jason Freeny. We got the chance to spend some time up...
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TAO Heavy Industries Synthetic Human 2nd run

Who says you can have too much of a good thing ? We don't and it appears 1000 toys agree with us.... Toa Heavy Industries are bringing back the much wanted Synthetic Human! Originally sold in 2014 it sold out instantly but this time we will be taking orders for three...
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Marsham Toy Hour Podcast

Recently a new Art Toy based Podcast has appeared on the scene and it's a great listen The Marsham Toy Hour is a weekly round table discussion of news and events in the designer toy scene with your hosts Gary Ham - Illustrator and Art toy creator Aaron Hulsizer  - the...
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Lisa Rae Hansen – Star Wars Day releases

After having stormed it with the first half of the limited editions of Erock and Heavy Metal Wookie released at ToyCon UK - Lisa Rae Hansen is back with more Erock and Wookie goodness if your quick. This release is the second half of the limited editions of "Erock"...
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Collect and Display – ToyCon 2016 Exclusives – PART 2

So - Collect and Display have really pushed it this year already, and here is the second lot of ToyCon exclusives they will be bringing to London on the 9th April ToyCon UK Exclusives Part...
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Collect and Display – ToyCon 2016 exclusives

The people at Collect and Display have been great to us over the years, and we really appreciate all their support and encouragement. So of course we have to bring you news of their ToyCon 2016 exclusives...and they have excelled themselves this year.... To say that...
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Disburst Art Toy Distribution

When the team behind the now legendary DKE Toys decided to move back from their work as the worlds leading distributor of independent toys ...there was a certain amount of trepidation about who would be stepping into fill their shoes. Disburst Art Toy Distribution So...
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ToyCon 2016

Its THAT time of year again - the time of year when all the Art Toy collectors in the UK get a little giddy - it's time for our show - Toycon 2016 - actually in the UK !!! We are lucky enough to be going to ToyCon 2016, and it was a bit close as to wether we were...
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Vinyl Idolz – COMPLETELY Unofficial Fan Site

After the initial soft launch of our Vinyl Idolz fan site - we had to move the hosting to a better really BRILLIANT !!! Turns out it's not just us who thinks these figures are awesome. We also moved over to Instagram...
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Zukaty Art – fresh releases for February 2016

The artist know to us all as Zukaty has a fresh batch of paint and imagination to release on us this coming Friday 5th of Feb .. The past couple of months has been good to Zukaty fans as there has been a continual stream of stunning artwork, paintwork and custom work...
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Curiomill – A simple solution

OK I get this thing every now and then,  where I look at something and think "Why the hell didn't I think of that ?" - This is one of those times. Welcome to Curiomill - Crowdfunding for your enamel pin dreams ! Created by the team at - the...
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art toysArt toys are a strange idea to many people. The most common thing I hear from people who are unaware of exactly what is out there is “These are just toys aren’t they?” And to be honest yes, they are in one way, but there really is so much more to designer toys. From concept to completion the care taken over the production of most designer toys is frankly astonishing, with the artist maintaining control of the process throughout. A lot of the designer toys we feature on this website are produced in relatively small numbers, some being in the 100s and some even being produced to order. This means a couple of things, the first thing being that there is a certain amount of exclusivity around the purchase of a designer toy and you are investing in something that could be considered art.

This is art that is accessible to everyone and goes through many processes before the buyer gets to take it home. Many people will be involved with the creation and distribution of art toys, and it shows in the final production time and time again. The art toy is many things, but one thing it is not is a mass-produced, uncared-for production which you will also see in your neighbour’s home. There are so many diverse and unique styles out there that you will find something which will appeal to you directly for many reasons.

One of the most attractive revelations when purchasing designer toys is that you are frequently dealing directly with the artist or their producers. The artist as a rule can be considered (amongst other things) extremely obsessive about the designer toys that they produce and will spend many, many hours drawing, sculpting and casting their work.

There are also many different areas in the designer toy world, with some artists creating the toy from drawing to painting the final product by hand and spending many hours producing incredible packaging solutions for their work. The designer toy network is worldwide and people collaborate across borders and boundaries freely and openly without any of the normal restrictions of geography, beliefs or race that can affect the rest of the commercial art world.

Are art toys a good investment then?

Well, this is a question which has a few answers, but essentially you are investing in the artist and in something beautiful to have in your home or your workplace. You may well find that your initial investment increases many fold quite quickly if the artist is well known and the designer toy in question is released in limited numbers. A lot of the most popular artists around the world will even produce toys and only make them available on a lottery allocation basis or will only supply a certain amount of spots for pre-orders.

This immediately means there is a rarity value to some designer toys and people known as flippers have been known to buy designer toys which are rare and then resell via the open market for a quick profit. This is not necessarily something the artist would approve of but it happens, and will always happen as the market is open to everyone – and this is how we think it should be.

Art toys are personal

Basically for us the attraction of designer toys is deeply personal and we will put the time in to contact artists whose work we are interested in and will spend time finding out about their past work and future plans. But this is what we do and we do not expect everyone out there investing in designer toys to do the same or even think the same way about designer toys as we do. It’s personal and that’s why it works.

Honestly, the basic reason we find designer toys so fascinating is that the concept of beautiful and affordable art in everyone’s home is something we really believe in. But don’t think the only thing you should buy is the same thing everyone else buys from the local interiors store because you are told to that’s what you should do. Often for the same price as you pay for a mass produced piece from the local store, you can have something exclusive you really love and will look at over and over again for many years …..

There is a real passion and shared belief which can be seen and often felt in the work produced by these communities. When you get the chance to purchase some of these art toys for yourself and actually get the sensation of handling such stunning pieces they take on a whole new set of meanings and sensations.