This all started for us in June 2012, and it’s been a tremendous journey of discovery and understanding over the past five years. We got involved with the world of Toy Art because we have always had a real passion for the idea of affordable art in everybody’s home, and Toy Art was a way to make this possible for more and more people in an easy and attractive way.

We now don’t write and publish Toy Art news here anymore, there are other people who do this much better than we do, but we do still write for Spanky Stokes when we get the chance. If you want to read Toy Art news, then click HERE or click the link in the menu at the top.

We are lucky enough now to deal with people from the art toy and commercial toy world from all over the planet. We interact with people from individual artists to international toy distribution companies, and we enable people to get their toys out to buyers by making connections in our trusted network of contacts.

Everyone we deal with sees our passion and commitment in real terms, and they know that we work hard to make sure they get the exposure and coverage they need to be successful.

We are happy to promote and help anyone who asks us to, all we ask from you is passion, commitment and belief to match our own. Just like any other part of the art world, there is only ever going to be a certain percentage of artists who are commercially successful. This means we have to rely on our own taste to reduce the list of artists we work with to a manageable level otherwise we become too diluted and less effective.

Our mantra is to communicate our passion for Toy Art to others and to promote and encourage all of the artists we work with. If you think we might be able to help you with your Toy Art, or you would like to engage us to help you with a promotional opportunity via an exhibition or a gallery event then get in touch and let’s make something happen.