We have been given the opportunity to organise a Retro Toy Sale of one of the largest mint on card and loose 1990s collections we have ever seen.

It was hard to make the decision to sell this collection at an event and not just sell privately, but we think it is a collection that people will want to see even if they don’t buy any part of it. There are retro toys for sale from many ranges and tastes with toys from Bill and Ted, The Mask, Aliens, Spawn, Inspector Gadget, Simpsons and many MANY more ranges. There are also some hard to find rarer vehicles from many ranges as well with one of our personal highlights being Fred Flintstone on his chopper bike !!!

This really is a stunning collection and has to be seen to be appreciated – come along to Leeds Town Hall on the 16th of July if you can, if you can’t stay in touch and see what is still available after the day – CLICK HERE for more information on the event.