After having stormed it with the first half of the limited editions of Erock and Heavy Metal Wookie released at ToyCon UK – Lisa Rae Hansen is back with more Erock and Wookie goodness if your quick.

This release is the second half of the limited editions of “Erock” and “Heavy Metal Wookie” colourways that Lisa Rae Hansen released at Toycon Uk earlier last month. The edition sizes for each colour is limited to 10. They will now be available for preorder from the ibreak toys store With Worldwide shipping they will be sent out within 1-2 weeks.

Based off an original Kenner toy they have been reproduced in resin and are hand painted. They come in an openable blister pack and are signed and numbered. “Erock” has removeable drumsticks and the “Wookie” has articulated magnetic arms and a removable guitar.

The Erocks are £30 gbp
Wookies are £40 gbp

You can buy them from on Star Wars day May the 4th at 6pm BST.