Playboy Art Toys – OK so we just got the press release for a Toy Art project for Playboy that has been attracting quite a lot of attention so far, and is going to attract even more in 2015.

This is a project organised and curated by a company called Coartism from South-Korea who are working with the “Playboy Collector’s Edition Art toy Project”  Playboy Enterprises in the States along with Blitzway. They secured the “Playboy Collector’s Edition Art toy project”  contract on May of 2014 with Playboy Enterprises of the United States and now own the global license for the Playboy art toy production and distribution.

So far the list of collaborating artists is as follows:

Eric so :
SML(Sticky Monster Lab) :
David Flores:
Mighty Jaxx:
Hands In Factory:
Les Schettkoe :
Twelvedot :

For more information please go to:

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