On our journey around the various dark places of the internet we are lucky enough to stumble across some wonderful new artists producing great work – here is one of our new favourites

Our regular visitors will know how we like to ramble on about everything, but on this occasion we are going to let the artist do the talking:

“I go by the name of ROH NOH as a whole but for my plush toys they go under the name of ROH TOTS. I am a plush toy maker and Illustrator currently based in Leeds but I am originally from Nottingham. I’m in my final year of University studying BA (Hons) Illustration at Leeds College of Art. Soon to finish at the beginning of June – very daunting that I am so close to finishing!!

I have always had a love for toys from an early age, taking my troll dolls with me everywhere! I think that they have probably also played a part in influencing all my different colourful hair styles I’ve had too!!


I went to ToyCon UK for the first time this year, which was such a great experience! To see so many talented toy makers and meet like minded people. I found it so inspiring and really made me want to push my plush toy making and hopefully one day to go freelance with them.

Toy designers that have been most influential towards my work are Ugly Dolls and Heidi Kenney. Which I’m sure you can see transcend a bit through my toys.Mixing that cuteness of Heidi Kenney with the quirky monster/creature like feel of Ugly Dolls. All my toys tend to revolve around animals and food as they are both passions and loves of mine!

I have attached photos of my most recent collection of toys. They were made as part of my final major project that will be part of my final end of year show. I have created a ROH TOTS giant Sweet Shop! I feel very passionate and excited about my toys and I really wanted to create something big, bold and memorable to put in the show. I created a sweet shop because its fun and exciting. Within the collection so far there is: One giant lollypop, 10 big marshmallow, 6 large gumballs, 15 cookies, 1 candyfloss and a doughnut. I plan to expand some more before the show and create some strawberry bon bons and long red cable sweets! ”

We are going to do our best to get along to see ROH NOH end of year show and will bring you more photos if we do.

You can contact ROH NOH here: