We love Art Toys and we are passionate about art in many forms, but the thing that really pushes us on to do what we do is the people making the art. Over the past months we have been watching the journey of an artist called Jay O’leary and we are privileged to introduce you to him in all his glory – Ladies & Gentlemen – Jay O’Leary AKA Toofless

So lets have this astounding ball of artistic energy tell you all you need to know about himself :

Hi my name is Jay”toofless”O’Leary I make a living from art. Tattoos tee shirts prints and my new love toys. Well the jokes and Punny things I make up around the shop just being a joker my self. I find it rewarding to see and hear an honest laugh when I tell the jokes but now I can make them immortal or how ever long plastic lasts. I am a self taught kid who grew up an ass hole punk rocker never wanted a real job and refused to conform so I became a tattooer and became a rock star in my own head.

Then I woke up one day and saw the damage I had done to my self and to every thing I guess you can say I humbled up… Well now 34 married with three kids I have to make a living the real way. But how can I do that and still do what I love to see people smile from my art. So I sit there with clients for hours and tell jokes and Shit and one day I thought I collect this stuff why not make funny jokes and mash up toys like these guys I collect.i was introduced a couple times on a show called toybreak episode 282 for some mini figure K.R.A.M.P.U.S I made and PUSH a comic book I made. So I reached out to George Gaspar and all my other toy friends and asked how to do this shit and this is what I came up with HE-MAXX.

I grew up on comic books and Sam Keith was a God to me. The first time I saw Maxx was in a image special and he just looked so fucking awesome then I followed that and then wolverine and then aliens and then heavy metal this guy was the shit always used him as reference.so I wanted to do some things to really show the world what little old Boise Idaho has to offer. So I went all out. I made he-maxx a purple translucent glow in the dark Heman bootleg.hemaxx has magnet articulation hand painted.for the original run I printed out ten double sided geclee prints mounted on 1/2 inch foam backer board with a uv coat(museum quality).but every one liked it but I didn’t sell any. Probably the price I sell that style for $250 because the backer card art cost so much to produce. i was bummed but still pursued to show the world my art. About two weeks ago I decided to hit up DKE just for the hell of it and never expected to even hear back.

The next day I opened my email box and there was a letter from DKE!!! Long story short he wanted to know if I could get ten made up he would put them on the table at San Diego comic con!!! So I made the big leagues home run first hit bam out of the park.HE-MAXX convention exclusive consists of the figure with an alternative head I fully sculpted of Maxx the regular toy only comes with the hemaxx head. 3 points of articulation at the head and arms with rare earth magnets so you can pose him if you take him out. Hand painted with ironlak paint. And I vacuumed sealed and hand drew both the front and back of the card it sits on. This first ten are raw glow in the dark I have never done this so you get my blood sweat and tears. Like I said only ten and you can only get this version at sdcc I am not painting the hemaxx the same ever again. And thoughs ten are the only ones you get the extra exclusive head.

I will be doing other runs if any companies want to pick him up in runs of 20 or more I will do the same for you make an exclusive piece and make a dope paint job and as an incentive I throw in a limited to 10 only 9 left you get 1 18/24 foam board backer artoy that I sell for $250 with isz with a he-maxx grill.get ahold of me and we can chat it up.

There are 2 versions of the He-Maxx and the version you can buy at SDCC on the DKE booth #5045 will be selling for $65 with a standard regular size backing card, the version with the larger foam board backing card is available for $250 by getting in touch direct.

Well I am lucky enough to have scored a 4 day pass down there at sdcc 2016 so I am going to go meet my heros in the toy world and share my new found love with the world. This has been so much fun I have 6 new ideas that crack me up my goal is to put out a new toy every 2 months. So keep them peepers on the new toofless kid in the scene and see what my wacky mind makes. Much respect

Jay Toofless

So when you want to get in touch with Jay, you can do that here:

Facebook: @jayoleary666
Instagram: @jayoleary