We got in touch with the team at Diamond Select to find out more about their range of Minimates – and they asked if we would like to review their new Vinimates figures….

Diamond Select sent us a selection of their Vinimates range from the X Files and a Kevin Smith Vinimate. We have always had a bit of a thing for the Minimates range and it’s nice to see the idea being developed in this way. ¬†Each of these figures is around 4″ high, static figures with ball jointed heads to allow posing of the head.

WE LIKE THESE A LOT – and there are a few reasons. One of the main ones being the size. While we are fans of the Minimates they can get a bit lost on our desk, and regularly under our desk! The Vinimates are substantial and look great next to our monitor and don’t get lost or swamped among the other figures.

We also like the humour behind these figures, they are funny frankly and make us smile. So many figure ranges out there are WAY to serious and it seems to us that a lot of the time people forget these things are supposed to be fun.

The team at Diamond Select also got us some pictures of other figures from this range – which you can see here are looking amazing…..check out that Robot !!!

You can track the Vinimates down here –¬†http://comicshoplocator.com/

Or if your in the UK try here – Forbidden Planet