The VINYL IDOLZ figures we have all been waiting for finally got rough dates for release.

Please note these dates are purely approximate at the moment, but knowing how FUNKO normally are with these things we are pretty sure the dates won’t be that far out.

Vinyl Idolz releases in April/May

Napoleon Dynamite – Napoleon, Pedro

Say Anything – Lloyd Dobler

Vinyl Idolz releases in May

Ghostbusters – Dr Peter Venkman, Dr Ray Stantz, Dr Egon Spengler

Vinyl Idolz releases in June

Seinfeld – Cosmo Kramer, Newman, The Soup Nazi, Frank Costanza, Jacop Peterman, David Puddy

Vinyl Idolz releases in July

Shaun of the Dead – Shaun, Ed

Hot Fuzz – Nicholas Angel, Danny Butterman

Vinyl Idolz releases in August

American Werewolf in London – David Kessler, Zombie Jack Goodman

Back to the future – Doc Brown, Marty

Vinyl Idolz releases in Sept

The Walking Dead – Michonne, Daryl Dixon, Rick Grimes

Vinyl Idolz releases in Oct

Dodgeball – White Goodman, Peter La Fleur

Fast times at Ridgemont High – Jeff, Brad

Young Frankenstein – Dr. Frankenstein, the Monster, Igor

We will of course bring you more specific
release dates once we have them confirmed.